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Word Travels - Behind the Scenes in Venezuela by Robin Esrock
Behind the Scenes in Venezuela
by Robin Esrock / Published February 7 2008
Robin writes about life behind the camera in Venezuela

In this episode, you can see that GETTING  to the adventure was as much an adventure as the adventure itself.   The political road block, the washed out bridge,  the car breaking down, being towed in a storm by a thread of rope at 120 km/hr was probably the most dangerous moment for all of us in the 13 weeks of filming.    But the delta was worth it, of course, what a beautiful slice of life on our planet.

Here Sharky SharkyCouple things to mention.  Firstly, I was almost pulled over the waterfall by accident because the rope wasn't connected to a tree before it was flung off the edge.   Pretty funny.   Second, those were seriously shark infested waters, and when I put my toes into the sea I hear the damn cello at the best of times.   Mary, our director, interviewed me after swimming amongst the dolphins, while I was in the water, on the board, looking like a big, tasty turtle.   All I could think of was, great, here's a wonderful take for "When Sharks Attack".

The mosquitoes in the jungle chew on on body parts the way Vikings once chewed on roasted pig.   They feast.   Blood everywhere.   Then you have the gnats and the piranhas and the thorns and the wasps and the scorpions and all those wonderful things that make the jungle so graciously hostile.   I was happy to let Julia take the worm, she eats, I jump - I think I came off better in that deal.

That scene when Julia gets stung by the wasp?  Sean, our bold camera guy, got stung in the eyeball.  Yes, the eyeball.   Zach, our sound guy, had a thorn go right through his hand.   Ouch.   I mean it when I say Chris Patterson is a real life cigarette commercial man.  He's my bloody hero.   He also runs an amazing backpackers lodge called Jakera Lodge that is crawling with beautiful tanned Scandinavians.   The bastard.   Great place to learn Spanish, chill out, meet some people.   Everyone sleeps in hammocks.  

We had a weird night of jungle fever, where jungle leopards roared in the night and a giant tapir chased Mary down the wooden boardwalk.   Might have been the jungle, might have been the rum and cokes, but I had a fever, and I say that like a Harlem preacher.   A fee-ver!   When I woke up I was covered in bites because someone had punched a hole in my mosquito net.   Nobody fessed up, but the size of the hole was very close to the size of Sean's fist.  He got the fee-ver too.

It's a travel truth that the harder things are, the fonder you'll look back on them.   Venezuela was not always fun at the time, but every one of us would put it in our top three favourite destinations. 

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